[TW-02676]オリエンタル ラグス


[TW-02676]オリエンタル ラグス


The traditional Oriental Rug has graced the floors of homes worldwide for many centuries. In contrast, modern day Oriental Rugs, are more revered for their dark, muffy color and long soft strands; which look prettier engulfing an entire J-pussy and ass, than simply lying on a tile or wood floor. These modern rugs are much softer, fluffier and friendlier than the old school types. And with a bit of luck and a little rub in the right place, the silky strands become a collecting ground for thick J-sap to spread, and one place where spilling things on the carpet is both encouraged and applauded.


出演: 類型: カバー写真: [TW-02676]オリエンタル ラグス